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What is Gitroom?

Gitroom can help you launch your open-source tool every week

  • Schedule social media and articles.
  • Exchange or buy posts from other members.
  • Monitor your GitHub trending, and so much more.


Gitroom is an NX monorepo that contains a backend, a frontend, workers, cron jobs and the docs.

Unlike other NX project, this project has one .env file that is shared between all the apps.
It makes it easier to develop and deploy the project.

When deploying to websites like Railway or Heroku, you can use a shared environment variables for all the apps.

It has four main components:

  • frontend - NextJS control panel serving as the admin dashboard for the project.
  • backend - NestJS backend that serves as the API for the frontend.
  • cron - NestJS cron jobs that run every X to update the database with new trending, refresh tokens and more.
  • workers - NestJS workers that run every X to process scheduled posts, sync GitHub stars and more.